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Gaby & Grace, a daughter and Mom, have always loved accessories since they can remember. Gaby, inspired by her hardworking and supportive Mom Grace, started this dream in October 2019 with $100 investment meeting her friends at their kid’s school parking lot. She showed them a couple of cute earrings she invested in and her friends were so happy that they ended up buying all of them. After that, she was invited to do a pop up shop for Valentine’s Day in one of the cutest coffee shops in Galveston, TX, Sugar Bean Coffee & Cream. The pop up shop was a success and that’s when Gaby realized how much joy her accessories were bringing to other women. While the COVID-19 Pandemic was happening and while raising a family of 3 kids with a busy husband in medical training, Gaby boosted the business through social media. 
Their debut was in September 2020 at the Sugar Cubes, a cute shopping area with pop up boutiques behind the coffee shop where everything started. Gaby & Grace believe that dreams are possible no matter the age or stage of life you are in, passion and hard work will carry you through the journey of your dreams and goals. If you are one of those women who want to accomplish something but seems impossible, trust your God, your heart and don’t let the mind decide to give up. Gaby & Grace was founded on the belief that an accessory can brighten a person’s day, that all women deserve to look and feel good, no matter their social and economical status. That's why working in the community is one of their goals. They want to share with women who are going through difficult circumstances the "gift of hope", a meaningful accessory with a sense of care and compassion to inspire and empower each other. Gaby & Grace is so grateful for the support from the Galveston Community and hope they can share their accessories and values with many other women around the world.

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